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  • Zoom LeBron VIII(8) HardwoodClassic
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  • Description
    Zoom LeBron VIII(8) HardwoodClassic Men's
    James switched to the Heat to wear No. 6, and the personal logo with elements such as "L, J, 23" and the Cavaliers' color-matched boots are also gone. Even Jordan, who made his comeback in the Wizards that year, did not change the logo and the main color at the same time. It is rare for signature shoes to face such a big change.
    But LeBron 8 still retains the style of the LeBron series, and it seems that a series of major changes in summer did not happen.
    Since Jason Petrie started designing Air Max LeBron 7 a year ago, he has incorporated his design style into James’ signature shoes. When designing LeBron 8, Petrie has become the chief designer. There is no reason to completely subvert the previous concept, he said: "My design is not static, but I will find the'truth' in the design.
    Therefore, in Air Max LeBron 8, you will also see the combination of Max Air 360 and flying line technology. This has become the standard equipment of the LeBron series. Whether you like atmospheric cushion basketball shoes or not, you can’t deny that these are Nike’s two. It is self-evident how important it is to a pair of basketball shoes with the top technology, super shock absorption effect and perfect package stability.
      In appearance, the craftsmanship of LeBron 8 is far more refined than people think. It draws on the craftsmanship and injection molding technology of fashion shoe uppers to create a soft all-natural leather upper. One-piece, seamless, breathable mesh inner boots, plus a structural frame with flying line technology, are ergonomic.
    Due to the existence of Max Air 360 and the flying line, and the designer deliberately adopted red/black, which is commonly used for the Cavaliers and Heat, as the main color, the style of LeBron 8 and the previous work are almost completely consistent, without any abruptness. It feels, but the individual logo on the tongue and outsole has become a separate lion head pattern-instead of starting a new design, it just made a "subtraction" cheap lebrons for sale James' logo.
    Therefore, LeBron 8's interesting design makes people feel an urge to control, but in fact, wearing this shoe on your feet is like a crab step for defending James-not as simple as imagined.
    LeBron 8 HardwoodClassic
    Stype Code :CV1750-400
    Color: Blue / White / Orange
    Release Date: January 23, 2021

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